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Employee Spotlights

Employee Spotlight: Andrea

Andrea: Co-op, Huntsville

I am a second-term co-op currently working in a Hardware Design group for Marty Pannell. As a co-op, I have the opportunity to work in different areas at ADTRAN in order to gain valuable hands-on experience that I could not gain in the classroom. In my current group, I am learning how to design schematics for ADTRAN products. It is fascinating to see how the hardware design process works from start to finish, and so much more goes into it than I originally thought. My first term at ADTRAN was during the spring of 2017, and after a summer of classes at Auburn University, I am back this fall for my second term. As a co-op, I am committed to working three terms at ADTRAN, with the potential for employment after I graduate. The best part about working at ADTRAN is being able to work and interact with so many great people. Everyone I have worked with has been a big help in furthering my learning and getting hands-on experience. I love having the opportunity to apply the principles I learn in school in real-world situations. I have learned so much in my time at ADTRAN, and I can’t wait to see what the future brings. When I’m not working or taking classes, I enjoy playing the piano, playing tennis, and baking decadent cakes. Earlier this August, I was able to go to a professional tennis tournament, and watch some of the best tennis players in the world.

Employee Spotlight: Marcus

Marcus: Co-op, Huntsville

I am a co-op on the User Experience (UX) team working under Jack Batchelor. The best part about ADTRAN is being able to make an impact on the company no matter what skill level or area you're in. From my first day, I was immediately welcomed as part of a team and given the freedom to explore my interests and find how those interests can push ADTRAN to new heights. I feel like my work matters, and that feeling isn't something you find a just any company. I wanted to be in UX because I want to help create technology that brings delight to people's face. I feel like I have an opportunity to do that every day; that's my favorite part of the job. On the UX team we help design how our software interacts with customers. As we move to becoming a software company, we're going to have the opportunity to create software that pushes ahead of the competition simply because we keep our customers in mind when we create it. I believe customers will come to appreciate that. Watching that process happen piece-by-piece is exciting and makes my job worth it to come to each day. I'm pretty new to Huntsville, so I'm still trying to just find my way around town. But one thing I'm excited about getting regularly involved in is Co-working night on Wednesdays. For years, I've explored the idea of running a startup and I've dabbled a bit in the world of video production. So, I'm hoping to find some likeminded peers at Co-working night to bounce ideas off.

Employee Spotlight: Tom

Tom: Web Marketing Manager, Huntsville

I am the web marketing manager and I am responsible for the design and production of all web projects for ADTRAN and sub domains. The web team works for continual improvement on all web based marketing projects for ADTRAN. I really like working with our creative department at ADTRAN and having my work very prominently visible to employees, partners and customers of ADTRAN. I enjoy working through design issues on the web and having a completed project finished in the end. ADTRAN makes technology better for communication and keeping people connected. Outside of work I love to mountain bike, kayak and go camping. I like to go to shows and I have a podcast/tv show I produce promoting events, music and art here in Huntsville.

Employee Spotlight: Dana

Dana: HR Compliance/Immigration Specialist, Huntsville

I am ADTRAN’s HR Compliance/Immigration Specialist. The best part about working at ADTRAN is getting to communicate with ADTRAN’s global workforce and our various vendors and business partners worldwide. I enjoy assisting them in things such as obtaining visa’s to visit and work in our various locations, obtaining green cards for those that are relocating to the United States and obtaining visa’s for our employees to travel worldwide to attend conferences, seminars and participate in global networking events. I encounter people from all over the world on a daily basis. I love the fact that I get to interact with persons from various parts of the world with different backgrounds and cultures. It gives me joy to assist people in making their dreams come true by helping them to obtain the necessary legal documentation to live and work internationally. It is very rewarding to help someone through the difficult process of immigration and then see the benefit they receive from the service that I provide. My greatest joy outside of ADTRAN is working with women to help them become the best that they can be by motivating them to get a clear understanding of who they are or who they want to be and then helping them to understand what they want from life and working with them to achieve it. I encourage them to take control of their lives and strive to become the greatest person that they can be.

Employee Spotlight: James

James: Manager of Client Services, Huntsville

I was hired by ADTRAN in 1999 as a manufacturing employee. During that time I took advantage of ADTRAN’s tuition program earning degrees from Virginia College and UAH. I joined the IT department in 2003 as a Desktop Support technician, this is where I was able to enhance my skillset but at same time build relationships with many of ADTRAN’s employees. Gaining technical knowledge I was able to interact and support many areas of the company. In 2014, I transferred to Product Support where I learned more about ADTRAN’s customers and how they used our equipment. This was a phenomenal learning experience as it helped me understand not only more about myself but ADTRAN as a business. In March 2016, I was blessed with the opportunity to transition back to the IT department in which I feel is my home. I was recently promoted to Manager of Client Services. In this role I work with a wonderful group of employees who strive to provide the best support for your IT systems and applications. Whether its simple questions in the hallway, or major end of the quarter requests, the most satisfying part of my job is providing solutions for our end-users. In my spare time, I enjoying working out in the ADTRAN gym, nerding out in the Apple Store, or hanging out at Campus 805.

Employee Spotlight: Ann

Ann: IT Helpdesk Specialist, Huntsville

I am an IT Helpdesk Specialist which means I do a little bit of everything - from account setups to troubleshooting iPhones! I am also involved in ordering and setting up mobile phones and one of the 3 admins for our new IT ServiceDesk ticket system that we launched in July. The best part about working at ADTRAN is the family atmosphere! I've been here 11 years and our group is a big family. Each day is a new challenge and very rarely like the day before. Some days are a bit more exciting than others but for the most part I love the way that each day presents something new. I also love that being part of the ServiceDesk means that I get to meet the new employees and assist with getting them settled in as well as dealing with just about everyone else in the company. When I'm not setting up mobile phones or resetting passwords, I love travel, photography, going to concerts, and hanging out with my husband Rich and our 4 cats.

Employee Spotlight: Gene

Gene: Project Manager, Huntsville

I am a Project Manager for ADTRAN Professional Services. I have also been a Product Support Engineer, Applications Engineer, Product Manager, and worked in Tech Support. The best part about working for ADTRAN is the people. Oftentimes, especially here in the Services group, the pace gets frenetic, but the folks here are amazing to work with. They make me look forward to coming to work every day. I enjoy being a dad and grandfather, with 2 of my 5 grandchildren living locally and another 2 on the way! I have 7 kids with our most recent little girl adopted from Uganda about 5 years ago. I enjoy hiking and reading. Also, I spent 26 years in the Navy and have over 1000 hours in the F-14 Tomcat, over 300 carrier landings, and a great respect for all the veterans who went before me.

Employee Spotlight: Gloria

Gloria: Receptionist, Huntsville

I am the receptionist for the lobby in the North Tower here at ADTRAN. My favorite part about working here is the people that I get to see every day as well as the benefits that we get. ADTRAN takes care of their employees. Plus, being able to look out the window and see our beautiful campus always helps brighten my day. I love having the opportunity to interact with internal and external customers. Having a public relations character makes it easy. I love my job. I’ve been here for 23 years. I also worked with Quality Assurance for the first 5 years which I also totally enjoyed. Something I really enjoy doing outside of work is playing the piano and singing in my church choir.

Employee Spotlight: Gloria

Rod: Mailroom, Huntsville

By day I work in the ADTRAN mailroom delivering mail all over the campus, but I am also an artist who loves to draw and sketch. Throughout the day I get to meet with almost everyone at our headquarters and I enjoy being able to take the burden off of others when it comes to shipping. Sending and receiving packages at work can get confusing, so I’m happy to assist with calculating rates, tracking and making the process as painless as possible. Outside of work I like reading and being outdoors but what I really enjoy is drawing, including scenic sketches and portraits.

Employee Spotlight: Sai

Sai: Staff Engineer, India

I am staff engineer working on 4xx ONT products at ADTRAN India R&D center. As a developer, I am involved with resolving customer/internal issues and implement new features for the ONT product line. In addition, provide onsite support if needed. Our team works on R&D of 4xx ONT product-line, which is the used for provisioning FTTH Triple Play services (Voice, video and Data) at customer premises. Our portfolio includes SFU & RGs to cater to different needs of our customers. The workplace environment at ADTRAN is the best I have come across. It is conducive for productive work and people here are amazing. The best part of my job is interacting with our customers and ensuring a satisfying experience. ADTRAN best connects people by engaging, being susceptive to the problems they face and resolving them. As well as staying ahead of the curve and developing new solutions that better connect people with innovation and technology.

Employee Spotlight: Jenny

Jenny: Creative Services Manager, Huntsville

My role is to elevate the brand by leading the design and marketing operations teams. My team’s role within ADTRAN is to increase brand awareness, brand alignment and promote the efficiency of movement with marketing operations. For me, the best part about working here is being present in the rotating circle of knowledge. There are so many skilled individuals at this company! I enjoy learning from other generations, and I love teaching others that good design is good business.

Employee Spotlight: Jack

Jack: User Experience Manager, Huntsville

I’m the User Experience Manager and I’m responsible for embedding user-centered methods and guiding the UX team and others to be promote empathy and understanding for our customers. The UX team works with product and service teams to research, evaluate, and design for customer experiences. I like having the ability to work with various departments to try to identify where there are opportunities for user experience improvements. Working with our product teams and direct customers is also something myself and the UX team have really valued and enjoyed. I enjoy being able to speak to our customers directly and hear about their experiences regarding ADTRAN and our products. It’s great being able to take that insight and come up with ways to improve the way they interact with us. I think ADTRAN always has the customer experience in mind when it comes to introducing new, innovative solutions. Our customers put a lot of trust in ADTRAN and see us a partner in evolving the way they operate and better serve their own customers.